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Support for Onkyo receivers



  • Fire69Fire69 Member
    App seems to have stopped working with 0.9.1 for me.  Anybody else having problems?
  • jordenjorden Member
    Update coming up real soon. 
  • Fire69Fire69 Member
    Thanks!  :)
  • Just noticed my onkyo app isn't working anymore.
    Flows were not working anymore, device card stays empty.
    Checked the ip, it's correct.  When I try to save the settings (just to confirm the ip), I get 'Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined'
    Problem with 0.9.2?
  • Try deleting the device and re-adding. I'm not sure why this happens but could be related to the error that happened in 0.9.1
  • I am still at 0.8.39 and noticed that the app randomly stops. Disable/Enable makes it work again but eventually stops again.
  • jorden said:
    Try deleting the device and re-adding. I'm not sure why this happens but could be related to the error that happened in 0.9.1
    When I try to add a new device (haven't deleted the old, to preserve my flows), I think it doesn't really find anything.
    It shows a device without name with IP, mine ends with .5
    When I save it and then open the settings and change the IP, I can save it (no error as I still have with the existing device), but it doesn't work, card stays empty with the spinning circle.  :'(
  • Is there support for the capabilities in the app? If not that would be a greate feature to have. So you can also control your onkyo using your smartphone without having to install the onkyo application.
  • The capabilities should work on the mobile card in the homey app. You can control volume and turn it on/off. 
  • Gewoon een Logitech Harmony hub kopen. Geen gezeur meer ^^
  • jjtbsomhorstjjtbsomhorst Member
    edited December 2016
    Tangai said:
    Gewoon een Logitech Harmony hub kopen. Geen gezeur meer ^^
    I don't want to pay 100 euro's for something that could be done also with my Homey that costs 299 euro's already

    I tested the app again today and yes it works in the mobile app also. Unfortunatly I had a couple of crashes already. I guess that the app still does not check if the connection is still valid? I normally turn of the power using Kika devices (also controlled by Homey). 

    What I've done is creating an flow that turns all things on , waits 10 seconds, and tries to switch the Onkyo to another input. For some reason when everything is already on the app works but when I start from the 'all off' position the app does not work and sometimes even crashes.
  • Tangai said:
    Gewoon een Logitech Harmony hub kopen. Geen gezeur meer ^^
    Harmony elite is superieur ten opzichte van Homey. Ben benieuwd naar neeo, schijnt dat de eerste batch verzonden is. 
  • @jjtbsomhorst That is correct, and it is something that I need to work on. If there is no connection, I need to wait a few seconds and try again.

    However I am in a busy time at work at the moment, so there isn't much I can do currently.
  • I placed an update 1.0.9 on Github. This should fix 2 types of crashes, as well as it should reconnect to the Onkyo if the connection to the Onkyo was broken. Please try it out, I am at work right now so I cannot test if it works correctly :)
  • I just tested 1.0.9 and it is an improvement. But the issue I'm experiencing is still there. Whenever I go to sleep or leave the home the power of my onkyo is cut off by switching an Kaku device. So obviously the onkyo app loses its connection. If I manually restart the app (from the apps screen) it seems to be working again. 

    Would it be possible to have a card in your device so you can reconnect to a device within a flow? So for instance when I enable the kaku switch, wait 10 seconds and then I try to reconnect within that flow with my onkyo? Because if the connection is there the app works perfectly :D
  • MennoMenno Member
    edited December 2016
    using onkyo 1.0.9 on homey 1.0.4 still have the problem of lossing the connection is there something we can do about it? maybe setting in homey/onkyo?
  • No I need to find a  way to set up the connection again after it breaks. However that's kinda hard to test (my Onkyo is in a closet where I cannot access it easily to pull the plug to test)
  • @jorden if i can help then just let me know what to test and what to look for.
  • Sounds like a situation where a KlikAanKlikUit closet... ummm... socket could come in handy  ;)
  • @jorden any news about keeping the connection alive? For the time being is there a command where I can set the volume to a specific number.
    I have a harmony remote and using the app for a lot of things but it is missing the option to set volume to a specific number.

    Maybe it's possible to do this with the HTTP Request app???? Can you tell the command needed? I tried to find it on the web but I don't see it

    But would be much better when you manage to keep the connection alive
  • Hi there all, I am BenM and I am a new Homey-user since last week. And I Love it!

    I also have an onkyo TX-NR636 wich is also awsome. Now I was wondering if it could be possible to implement "zone 2"?

    Thx for considering this in advance!

    +1 for the app and his develloper
  • @BenM That should be possible to do. I've been "kind of" ignoring zone 2 because I do not use it myself, but the codes are available. Will look into it soon because I think there's not so much work to be done to enable this.
  • @jorden hope you can help

    I have two problems:
    1 Onkyo losing connection 
    2 Harmony app crashing 

    I've asked brinkie a few times if he can help me with the problem I have with Onkyo managed by Harmony when I do a card with "Send Command" and select my Onkyo TX-NR609 and select Miscellaneous the harmony app is crashing and I dont't get the availible commands the crash is:

    Stack trace:

    TypeError: args.args.controlGroup.function.forEach is not a function
    at Object.<anonymous> (/app.js:67:53)
    at emitTwo (events.js:87:13)
    at Object.emit (events.js:172:7)
    at /homey-app/manager/flow.js:23:37
    at /homey-app/helpers/client.js:1:1077
    at Array.forEach (native)
    at process.<anonymous> (/homey-app/helpers/client.js:1:1046)
    at emitTwo (events.js:87:13)
    at process.emit (events.js:172:7)
    at internal/child_process.js:696:12

    Exit code: 1
    Exit signal: null

    Is this something you can relate to Onkyo? IS ther something I can do so the the Onkyo app is not losing it's connection? now I have to disableand enable it atleast ones a day. Hope you can help because all my equipment is connected to my onkyo receiver
  • The error you show is something in the Harmony app, has nothing to do with the Onkyo but is an error in the app. It seems like the app is going through a group of controls but there are no controls or something else is wrong.

    The Onkyo app and it's connection to Onkyo should stay working for a long time if you keep the Onkyo in standby. I have that and it always works for weeks at least.
    That being said, I still have to work on a correct working reconnecting function.
  • @jorden my receiver is always on or in standy mode so that shouldn't be the problem. I have created two flows to do an hourly check maybe I find some logic in the lost of connection. My onkyo is a TX-NR609 do you have the same and what is your firmware version?
    My Proxy is off and dhcp off

    Maybe other people having the losing connection problem can also make these flows? (other flow is Receiver is Off and text is Onkyo off check)

  • jorden said:
    @BenM That should be possible to do. I've been "kind of" ignoring zone 2 because I do not use it myself, but the codes are available. Will look into it soon because I think there's not so much work to be done to enable this.
    Should be nice. Thx!
  • @Menno I have an Onkyo TX-NR646 myself. Rarely have problems; the app is linked into it and everytime the input switches, I make Homey say the input channel (TV, Cable/SAT TV, Game, etc). This works without a problem for weeks.

    That being said, I am still planning to look into the problem as soon as I have some free time.
  • Just released an update to Github, which enables you to change the "Input channel" using the mobile cards. For example, you are now able to set the input channel using the Homey app on your phone.

    You might have to remove the Onkyo device and add it again for this to work.

    PS: The updated app is not yet available in the app store, I will submit it for approval in a few minutes.
  • BenMBenM Member
    Nice one, is there an easy way you can explain/teach me how I can fix zones myself? #iamnotaprogrammer
  • @jorden cool update will try the github version tomorrow (or today as its already after 12:00) I'm wondering where you also able to add the use of tokens/tags?
    Because with that functionality we can make one flow for changing for example the input of the onkyo via a tag (text variable) and in the other flows just fill the variable with the correct input channel
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