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BLE 4.0 plant monitor


Just read a blog article about a Bluetooth LE 4.0 plant monitor. Its one 9 USD and it works with a standard BLE 4.0 dongle under Linux, so Homey support should be no problem. In this blog, everything is described.

I think I will order some. Nice to have plants which actually tell you (Homey voice) they are thirsty ;-)

Gr. Remco


  • Great blog! I have never seen this writer before. 

    Really like the conversational and straightforward tone. Not dry, but still informative.

    I don't know about this product, though... maybe if I were a botanist or something. It just seems like a little much.

    If I ever start my own home garden, it might be worth it.
  • The monitors work perfect here. Have two plants monitored and they are growing very well. The thing is you really need the app to see the actual need of the plant. But it's pretty cool if Homey can gather the data, then you would be able to create flows to alert you that the plants need water!
  • ReemsterReemster Member
    edited February 2017
    Ah, I'm looking for this a long time now! It will be great if homey support this device in the future  :)
  • That would be cool.
    Let you're plants crying when they are thirsty..
  • Nice device. The range is onley 1,5m to 2,5m. So you can onley grow plants near Homey.

    In this topic is some usefull information about using the device:
  • 2Be2Be Member

    This would greatly expand Homey's market. Stop looking for a new marketeer.

    A Homey for every grow room. Monitor the plants humidity, sense the temperature, see the powermeter usage, use the doorsensors for intruders and know when to run with motion sensors around the building.... 

     o:)  ;)
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