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Problems with updates for Onkyo TX 8150 after Homey software update

Each time with an Homey update the flows for my Onkyo TX 8150 do not work, although they should be updated automaticly.
This results in downloading the Onkyo app again from the app Store en creating all new flows again.
All other apps are updated each time Homey gets updated.

Can anyone solve this problem ?

Kind Regards,

Frans Verhoeven


  • I am the developer of the Onkyo app, and have no problems with Homey updates.

    What does exactly happen... is the Onkyo device unavailable or something else? Are the flows missing cards or is everything in place? What happens when you run "Test flow"?
  • After each Homey update it is not possible to switch the reciever on or off or change any preset by voice command, although Homey confirms what I ask.
    "Test flow" does not work anymore also.
    Have to completely reinstall everthing, delete Onkyo app, load Onkyo app from the app store again and have install all new flows again.
  • I have the same problem with the 646.
  • So all cards are still in place, but they don't work?
  • Yes, still in place but they don't work. I'll try to reinstall them.
  • If you disable the Onkyo app and then re-enable it, does it work?
  • I went to apps and unchecked en rechecked "ingeschakeld". No difference
  • I could be my ip-changed. I Will have to make it fixed. Sorry.

  • Assume the IP address of the Onkyo TX8150 changes after an update of the Homey software.
    Will look into that next time when Homey gets a software update.
    If so it is quite simple to modify the IP address in the Onkyo app.
    Let you know what the result is after an update.
  • It will also change when router restarts.
  • It's better to set a static IP for your Onkyo. However, your Onkyo should not get a new IP when Homey updates. 
  • Today again the Onkyo reciever is not recognized after the update to 1.5.9.
    Former updates no problem. Checked the IP adress of teh receiver, but was unchanged.
  • Deleted the existing IP adress first and then filled in the same IP adress and saved it and than ..... it works again with Homey!
    How can????
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