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Detect finished dryer or washing machine

Recently I have connected both my dryer and washing machine to a Fibaro wall plug.
The idea was to get a push message when they are finished.
At first I thought to just watch energy consumption, but after looking at the graphs in Homey, I think I won't be able to do that.
At 11.03 the dryer finished, but it has a anti-crease mechanism (voorkomt kreuken), and thus, the dryer keeps using some energy to keep the clothes tumbling. But I can't find a pattern. It uses 1.9w for 30 seconds, than 150w for a few seconds, then 50w for 30 seconds.

Please also notice that at around 10.45 the dryer is using 100w for 2 minutes.
So when the dryer has finished it's using (for seconds) more energy then during longer periods in the normal cycle.
Otherwise I could have checked for energy consumption lower than 100w, done.

Anyone an idea on how to tackle this?

I have a similar problem with my washing machine.


  • Hi, I've the same setup with two Fibaro wall plugs and for me the same issue with the anti-crease. I solved it by using two flows per device. One flow that, on power change, and when power > x watt (150 in my case) that sets a variable 'washing machine on' to true (better logic variable).

    And another flow that, on power change, when power is lower then 2w and the variable 'washing machine on' == true. Sends a push notification to my phone and sets the 'washing machine on' variable to false.

    same for the dryer :)
  • i think u can set a timer, i think ur dryer started at 10:40? and finished at 11:03.
    use the triggers jklflipper used then use a countdown timer.
    at another flow use "when the timer is empty send push notification"
  • @MarcelKuijper
    That won't work because not every cycle take that long.
    Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes only 30 minutes. It depends on the fabric-type you select on the dryer.


    After a lot of trial and error I found a solution that is working pretty good.
    I don't have the time to post it now, but I'll do it this evening.
  • Ah didnt knew that, i dont own a dryer, looking forward to your solution
  • YvesGeffensYvesGeffens Member
    edited January 2017
    It goes like this:

    Take sample readings on a set interval. I take 4 readings, with a 60 second interval.
    I store each reading in it's own BL-variable. I use a BL-boolean to set an appliance in or out of service.
    Reason is that I can take measurements from different appliances in the same flow.
    I need 4 flows for taking the readings for 1 appliance, but I also still need 4 flows for 3 appliances.
    I use a counter to keep track of the reading that I have to take next.

    First taking the measurements:
    I use 4 identical flows, in the first flow I check it the counter (EnergieMetingTeller) is set to 1.
    When the counter is 1, I take the appropriate energy-tag for the appliance, and I store it in Dryer1, WashingMachine1, LaundryMachine1.
    I set the counter to 2.

    In flow 2, 3 and 4 I repeat this. In flow 4 I set the counter back to 1.

    So now I have 4 flows, for a (virtual) unlimited appliances.

    Now I make 2 flows per appliance.
    The first one to check if the appliance was switched on. I check for the energy consumption, for this specific dryer I need about 200w to make sure it's running. I set a BL-boolean for this appliance.

    The second flow is to check is the appliance has finished it's job.
    Since I know it's running, I check against that, and I make sure the last 4 readings are all below a specific consumption.
    If that's the case, I set the BL-boolean to false, and I sent myself a Push-message.

    Where can this go wrong? In the last flow.
    Suppose one of the readings is taken at the exact moment the dryer was executing it's anti-crease program, one of the 4 readings will be higher than 3w. It will take 3 more minutes before the last measurement that was higher than 3w will be replaced with a new reading. If that one is less than 3w, the flow will and in a positive result.
    Suppose this happens to often, you can change the interval the measurements are taken in from 60 seconds to eg 45 seconds, or 70 seconds, whatever suits you.

    3 appliances and up in 5 variables per appliance, so 15 variables, plus one counter take keep track of the taken measurement.

    I hope this will be inspirational for everybody.

    for my dryer, I need 200w at least to know it's operational, and 3w to know it has finished
    for my washing machine, I need 100w at least to know it's operational, and 1,5w to know it has finished
    for my laundry machine, I need 200w at least to know it's operational, and 2,5w to know it has finished
    This is of course depending on the type/brand of the appliance, but it's a good starting-point. Check insights and go to settings, and watch the variables change live, while you also observe the appliance.

    Here you see that my laundry machine consumes 0.3w/h since it was finished at 12:20.

    You can take this one step further and switch of the wall plug completely to conserver energy. Drawback, you'll have to switch it back on when you want to open the door of the washing machine (in this case) because I need power to do that. Anyway. 0.3w/h -> 2.6kw in one year, about 0,80 euro's I can live with that.

  • I made a small change to the above flow.
    In the last flow, in the 'IF' column I had to change 'if the energy has changed' to : 

    for every flow to check if the appliance is of or not.

    So I check every time I've taken a sample, not on an energy change.

  • What kind of power sockets are you using? I am looking for new devices cause my Neo should only use devices till 2000w and my aeon labs are not using power meter (app bug). But my washer and dishwasher need 2400w. Thanks 
  • Jschuetz said:
    What kind of power sockets are you using? I am looking for new devices cause my Neo should only use devices till 2000w and my aeon labs are not using power meter (app bug). But my washer and dishwasher need 2400w. Thanks 
    Recently I have connected both my dryer and washing machine to a Fibaro wall plug.

  • YvesGeffensYvesGeffens Member
    edited February 2017
    I first used a brennenstuhl energy meter. The dryer used only 2450w at it's peak.
    So I'm sure it's safe to use the Fibaro Wallplugs. They have a limit of 2500w, and allows peaks up to 3000w. As you can see in my opening post, the dryer uses (according to the Fibaro plus) more than 2500w (for a very short time). But the build in alarm has never gone off.

    At this very moment, my dryer is running.

    As you can see, the Fibaro plug reports 2858w, moments later it's consumption has dropped.
  • sorry dat ik de vraag in dutch stel, maar even voor mijn duidelijkheid.
    Zoals ik het nalees heeft een neo plug een relais erin zitten van 16A
    Dit relais staat vast aangetrokken tijdens het gebruik. (de schakelingen/programma's schakelen in apparaat)
    De plug schakelt pas als het apparaat klaar is. (bij juiste programmering)
    Dan maak je de plug toch nooit stuk?
    Of gaat het hier over het kapot maken van het deel dat het bv stroomverbruik berekend?
  • @WathLamers
    The Neo Plus has a (published) limit of 2000w, I wouldn't exceed that with 15% (peak). So 2000w continuous or 2300w peak.

    It's not just hoping you don't damage the plug, it making sure you don't set your house on fire.
  • @YvesGeffens   tx    still i gone try next week,  but ofcouse wenn i am arround to make sure the plug not overheat.
    i really doint think it will, because the relais does not  schakelt onder spanning.  dus there will be no vonk.
    the realais contacts are strong enough because the are 16 Amp.
    When i tried  i let you know.
    nice weekend.
    wordt vervolgd
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