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Tado thermostat



  • @phil_s You can see some pictures of their warehouse at their Facebook page.
  • @mauriceb thx for the link. Just saw 20% Black friday off. That means an other Thermostat for 103,20€ instead off 129€! Great offer!
  • Thanks HellHound, just succesfully added the Tado to my devices!
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited November 2016
    the tado app crashes very often. i now rebooted homey and now it crashes nearly evreytime seconds after i enable/disabled it under settings...

    someone else having this problem?

    it crashes everytime i add the thermostat. if i just install the app withot installing the thermostat the is stable.
    but just after i add the device it crashes
  • phil_s said:
    the tado app crashes very often. i now rebooted homey and now it crashes nearly evreytime seconds after i enable/disabled it under settings...

    someone else having this problem?

    it crashes everytime i add the thermostat. if i just install the app withot installing the thermostat the is stable.
    but just after i add the device it crashes
    No chrashes here, but i dont use tado in any flow
  • @phil_s can you provide the backtrace, since I apparently do not get those crash reports. Normally, Athom sends me mails when a crash happens. But don't see any reports for crashes.
    Any info is helpful :)
  • Tado has finally delivered all products last week (whoooo!). Have installed them all this week. I was amazed at how easy it was to install the Tado Valves, quite nice!

    Only downside is that my old Thermostat (v1) cannot be used in the same account as my new Thermostat (v3). So now I've got 2 different Tado accounts, which sucks...

    But, now it's time to implement them all in to the Homey Tado app. I'll keep you all updated on the progress.
  • at the moment it crashes not so often. but from time to time. than i disable/enable it and for the next few hours/days it works.

    how can i provide the backtrace if the next crash comes?

  • when did you update the last time the app. i have the feeling that since then it crashes not so often as before... just thinking
  • Is there a V3 API anywhere on the internet?
  • @phil_s well, currently the only way to get a backtrace is to run the developer console tool for as long the application is running. (requires nodejs & npm)
    Do you have an idea when it happens, is it always when a certain flow executes ? If so, please explain the details, so I can remake the flow on my Homey, and maybe replicate the problem. This way you don't need to do all the devleper configs.

    @zperx: as far as I know there is no real 'V3' Tado API, it's the same as explained at
    This is taken from public sources, and the Word document is from forum member mauriceb

  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited December 2016
    @HellHound ;;
    it is not so easy to explain.
    first: i have only one device (thermostat) installed, but not any flow with it!
    second: it seems more stable after yout last app-update

    and when i just read your post, i looked from the work with myathom... to my homey under settings:
    there is tado in the app-list with the red exclamation mark! -> so i disabled the app and just enabled it again.

    the app crashes not every day at the moment! (i think every 2-3 days, but that is just a feeling).

    now i realized that in the notification center there was an hint that another app had an automatic update.
    could this cause the tado-crash? or is this not possible?

  • I've read that the tado smart radiators will be implemented in the nearer future - perfect news I think! 
    But I don't understand if I can use them only with my homey and without the thermostat?!? 
  • @HellHound

    How are things going? Could we help you out with testing something?
  • Request:  I want to have a flow for my ventalation.
    Something like

    IF bathroom light is on AND hotwater is used THEN put on the ventilator.

    Can you greate a value card with hotwater and radiators are heating?
  • First of all, best wishes for the new year :)

    Additionally, thanks to all who donated to keep the project going!

    I've been working on rewriting the Tado app, to streamline the code, and make it more readable and modular.

    I should have an initial version by next week, though probably only for the Thermostat. In the coming weeks I'll add all the other devices (Valves, AC).

    @phil_s normally all Homey apps are isolated from each other, so an update for one app should not be able to kill/crash another app.

    @dondanny You can use the valves without a Tado thermostat, yes. You just need the 'Tado bridge', but that should be included in the Valves Starter Kit.

    @Tim_Brass I'll keep you updated next week, you'll probably be able to test the app before it's live in the store via the Github repo.

    @0burner0 I'll see what I can do. My home setup does not allow Tado to provide the HOT_WATER option, so I can't fully test it, but will try to add it to the code, and we'll see from there.
  • Great news @HellHound

  • @HellHound Maybe I've fully missed other people's comment and you're already aware of the issue. But by reading other people's comments, I guess the basics of Tado are working?

    If my issue is already known, then please ignore :). Otherwise: I'm trying to add my Tado. I installed the app. Works well. When I then try to add the Tado, I very shortly see some text about adding the Tado but before I can click one of the fields, it already shows me a cogwheel that never stops spinning... Long story short: I can't proceed with adding my tado.. :(. Any thoughts?

    PS. I'm using the standard Tado bridge + 1 smart valve. I know you're working on the valves so I've no questions there :)
  • Follow-up: I just tried adding my credentials from the settings panel. I clicked on 'Save Changes'. Then I navigated back to 'Devices' hoping that I could add my Tado now. Unfortunately, nothing changed. Still the never-ending cogwheel, haha.
  • @lenonline The tado TRV is a new product, it`s not yet implemented in the app. Unfortunately the API is not public so that makes it harder.
  • @ZperX thanks for responding. I already understood that from this topic :). However, I'm 'just' trying to connect my already existing Tado (I'll keep the smart valve out of the equation for now).

    But are you saying that because of the new products of Tado, I also can't add the existing Tado because it uses an API which is not yet public?

  • @lenonline Try rebooting your Homey or Pull the Plug for a couple of minutes. That might work, seen reports before.
  • Thanks @BasVanDenBosch! I gave it a shot. The cogwheel now stops spinning #thatsthegoodnews. Unfortunately I'm running into this issue:

  • same here
  • Hey guys, yes, there are issues with Tado. They seem to be updating their web API, which the Tado app for Homey uses. 

    This is causing issues with getting an access token (authenticating), so fscked Tado app :(

    I've made the necessary changes to the API code, and hope Tado won't change a lot more.

    New app version (0.5.6) is waiting the Athom approval process.

    I'm still busy with the code update / rework for the Tado app, but it's going to take some more time due to my work schedule.
  • Keep on fighting @HellHound and no stress!
  • New version (0.5.6) has been approved by Athom, and is available in the app store.

    Please update, since the previous versions won't work with the new Tado API.
  • I have installed the new version and is working now. No more crashes. I have a lot of Tado radiators installed in different rooms. Now only one room is visable. Any idee when this is implemented?

  • App is crashing again
  • i have no more chrash since the update, buit i will have a look on it in the next days :-)
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