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Homey Memory usage



  • fiekfiek Member
    edited January 2017
    [edit]I have a negative value under 'other', didn't get a clear answer yet, but I will ask the question on slack
  • Negative is not great, but it's not a problem either.
    It means your memory was full and Homey had to write some things to disk.
    It's a measure most operating systems take when they need some more memory.
    It might make this a little bit slower, but not always or not even noticeble.
  • You're fine, thats just how Linux works...
  • fiekfiek Member
    edited January 2017
    @Fire69 @Jeroenbos22 thnx for your reply's. Too bad Homey has only 512 mb memory.

    I now have a flow running that reboots my Homey every two days, because Homey gets a little bit unstable after a while
  • The 512 Mb is more then enough. Homey should not get unstable after a few days and if it does its Most likely nothing ram related
  • @fiek That's what @jeroenbos22 was pointing out: Memory will always be full. 512 MB is more then enough. Still don't know why part of memory is cached to disk though. I think to have read somewhere that this is memory which will be cleaned up by the next GCC-cleanup.
  • Maybe @Athom can respond to the question. The negative value keeps growing  when I install more apps. 

    I cant find a logical explanation why Homey memory gets cached if there is enough memory. But I am no specialist.
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited January 2017
    and Memory Management.htm

    When an application needs memory and all the RAM is fully occupied, the kernel has two ways to free some memory at its disposal: it can either reduce the disk cache in the RAM by eliminating the oldest data or it may swap some less used portions (pages) of programs out to the swap partition on disk. It is not easy to predict which method would be more efficient. The kernel makes a choice by roughly guessing the effectiveness of the two methods at a given instant, based on the recent history of activity.
  • The amount of Other memory still worries me.
    I understand that negative Other memory isn't a problem ("memory was full and Homey had to write some things to disk").
    But what does it mean when you see about +200 Mb Other memory, a couple of days after the last reboot?   
  • @bvdbos;
    How are you so sure about the way Homey is managing memory?
  • @MHubert Yes, homey is running Linux. It is supposed to be always full. Athom Would make the page more detailed. Dont trust the way it shows, this could be a bug / misinterperred data
  • don't trust the way it shows? 
    If I read Git issues; Homey stopped listening, KuKa not working, mem usage very high, reboot; its working again and mem usage is low.

    then I think there something going on.
  • Yup:

    Steadily growing (never seen this before, then again - I don't spend my days looking at this)

    Geek info:

    arch	arm
    cpus [{"model":"ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)","speed":996,"times":{"user":149321400,"nice":53932800,"sys":226296900,"idle":1472918300,"irq":0}}]
    date 2017-01-25T07:58:08.241Z
    date_dst false
    date_human Wednesday 25th January 2017 08:58:08
    devmode false
    freemem 13295616
    freemem_human 3%
    homey_version 1.1.2
    hostname Homey
    loadavg [0.20263671875,0.41552734375,0.53076171875]
    network {"lo":[{"address":"","netmask":"","family":"IPv4","mac":"00:00:00:00:00:00","internal":true},{"address":"::1","netmask":"ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff","family":"IPv6","mac":"00:00:00:00:00:00","scopeid":0,"internal":true}],"wlan0":[{"address":"","netmask":"","family":"IPv4","mac":"6c:ad:f8:05:10:81","internal":false},{"address":"fe80::6ead:f8ff:fe05:1081","netmask":"ffff:ffff:ffff:ffff::","family":"IPv6","mac":"6c:ad:f8:05:10:81","scopeid":3,"internal":false}]}
    node_version v4.6.0
    platform linux
    release 4.7.2-g90e06bf
    timezone Europe/Amsterdam
    totalmem 511541248
    uptime 193881

  • edited January 2017

    Seven hours later , another 10MB extra in Other

    Update: it's now at 196MB. Exciting! :)
  • Never had this much memory free...?

  • HansieNL said:
    Never had this much memory free...?

    Looks like not everything was loaded. Now I got 15 MB free.
  • Superfluous information for you I presume but Linux will keep on caching until your memory is completely full...
  • In that terminology ... what is cached than in Other memory?  [other memory with a positive number of Mb's] ?
  • Well, that's a mystery :) Probably, among other things, the OS (Linux) itself and a lot of trash which has to be cleaned up (you'll notice other getting less sometimes) but there's a memory-leak atm so there's reports about other growing to 900 MB and more... Then a simple reboot of Homey will fix this...
  • Thnx Bas. This quote confirmed my suspicions. 
  • On my Homey the OS and Other are like the Borg. They assimilated all the apps.

  • Strange. If you add all the seperate Mbs (Other + Homey + all apps) I count more than 700 MB. And you only have 511.54 Mb.  How do you do that?
  • CorvdNiet said:
    Strange. If you add all the seperate Mbs (Other + Homey + all apps) I count more than 700 MB. And you only have 511.54 Mb.  How do you do that?
    No clue... That's why I think it can only be assimilation...
  • Might try to disable Smart Presence, HomeyDash and do a reboot. See what that does. 
  • CorvdNiet said:
    Might try to disable Smart Presence, HomeyDash and do a reboot. See what that does. 
    I saw this kind of memory usage several times in the past 2 or 3 weeks, and did reboots to see what happenend.
    After a reboot it's a nice multi-colored bar as it should be. But... after hours (a day?) it will look more or less black/grey again.

    As an experiment I just disabled "HomeyDash" to see what happens... result:

  • CorvdNietCorvdNiet Member
    edited January 2017
    Did you also do a reboot? The "Overig" are probabibly caused by memory leaks and wont disappear by itself or by disabling an app only. You have to reboot (and optional disable suspicious apps that probabibly cause memory leaks)

    EDIT: I myself disabled Homey Logger, HomeyDash, iCalendar, IFTTT, Smart Presence and my Homey is much more stable in memory use.

  • CorvdNiet said:
    Did you also do a reboot?

    No... not yet... This was just disabling HomeyDash, wait a minute, and switch back to Settings / System.
     Homey was needed, but it's free now. I'm going to do a reboot now and post again in about 10 minutes... but I'm sure it will look more colorfull then ;)
  • Immediatly after reboot (System page: auto-refresh):

    ... and about 5 minutes later...

    So... I think this looks fairly normal.... for now.
  • You can also try to disable Smart Presence. Until this problem is solved a regular reboot will keep your system working.
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