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Homey Memory usage



  • CorvdNiet said:
    You can also try to disable Smart Presence. Until this problem is solved a regular reboot will keep your system working.
    Well... Thanks to Smart Presence the system DOES work when it comes to knowing who is home. The default presence detection has more mallfunctions. I do reboot Homey manually once or twice a week... and it's done by Candy every sunday. No real system problems... just strange memory displays.
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  • ArenBreurArenBreur Member
    edited March 2017
    Don't know what happened but after a week running, this happened. Homey was very slow in responding

  • I just did a little test and when you create a app with the athom cli and run it directly the memory allocated for an app is already 25mb. So when you install 20 apps that do absolutely nothing the memory is already full.. 
  • RuudvBRuudvB Member
    Understanding the concerns, my personal experience has been quite good.

    I just checked:
    - 22 apps running
    - uptime almost 25 days
    - homey reacting "normal"
  • Hm, I don't like warnings. Feels like an American car, with stickers and warnings everywhere. 'Objects in the mirror...'.
    Next I will get a pop up that Homey shouldn't be eaten or microwaved. 

    I had over 30 Apps installed. Removed 9, as I hate warnings. Still have it bugging me. It bugs me too, when my Chrome browser starts with another warning. What's next? More warnings...? 

    Homey was intended to be used with Apps. If the amount of memory becomes a bottleneck, I shall be utterly disappointed. 

    If the memory is sufficient to run 30 Apps, remove the annoying warning. It just gives me a feeling I own an inferior product. 

    My 2 cents

  • rtnartna Member
    I feels like a disclaimer, not a warning.
  • EternityEternity Member
    edited May 2017
    I dislike disclaimers. 

    I still like Homey ☺️
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