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How to update App via App store when developers version is installed

EternityEternity Member
edited January 2017 in Apps
I believe the title says it all...;-)

I have installed various Apps via Git and now see newer versions available in the App store. What is the best way to switch back to the App store releases, and not breaking any Flows...?

I tried with backup flows, uninstall Harmony Hub developer and install the App version. This broke Flows, and a restore from the Backup App still gave broeken Flows.


  • I always just press install in the appstore, didn't go wrong once for me...
  • I think it's saver to ask the developer if there are change made between github verion you are running and app store version you want to upgrade to.
  • Update

    I tried to simply install from the App store and thus overwrite the developer version. This didn't work for the Harmony App. I received an error. However, the Greenwave gave an error, but updated nevertheless. 
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