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IR learning mostly not working



  • 170E i bought the elite, but for now every euro do the job, it can also control hue
  • I have problems with the Arris KPN box. Homey recognized the signal but when I use it in a flow nothing happened. 
  • erictkserictks Member
    edited January 2017
    Annemarie said:
    Hi Guys :) It's great that people trying to help each other so lets keep it nice! IR is still something we are working on and any input and your experiences are really welcome! I would not recommend making bigger holes in your Homey, but if nothing works for you please let me know so we can see if there is maybe a problem with your Homey. 
    Try with my panasonic fan and AC unit both fail. The learning phase is done but when come to execution it just dosent work , I do suggest homey developer can copy from some others IR universal controller for example

    they did actually have a good list of IR devices that is working 
  • Had the same issue with my Sony reciever until i made my flow repeat the IR transmission (repeatly press button) a few times. That helped a lot
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