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Slack for Homey

EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

Just made a Slack app in under three hours, and wanted to share this with you :-)

(See the OS X notification in the top right).

Pretty cool, huh? Think about placing a contact sensor on your office's toilet, and you get a notification when the toilet is free again. Haha!


  • Haha great.
    Can you do it with telegram?

    Do you enjoy your weekend?

  • Telegram or Pushover would Be great. Or can homey communicate with IFTTT? In that case it might be covered already

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    We have an IFTTT app already working, but it's a little bit tricky as you have to use the Maker Channel, because we IFTTT hasn't responded on our partnership request yet.

    Telegram and Pushover and Pushbullet would be great, but I'm not actively using those services, so I'll leave that to someone else.

  • Pushbullet is a great service, if your phone is not too slow and unless you use Excel. (It breaks the copy/paste function of excel. Confirmed bug for some time.)

  • Why not Boxcar 2??
    Also free.

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