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Bug in temperature (number) speech.

OpenMind_NLOpenMind_NL Member
edited January 2017 in Archive
I created a few flows that do an announcement everytime when the outside temperature or the room temperature goes up or down by 0.5 degrees Celcius. The sensors are Netatmo weatherstation + 2 extra indoor modules. Works fine.

However, yesterday and today I noticed something strange...
Today the outside temperature went down to -0.5 degrees Celcius and Homey tells me that the temperature went down to 0.5 (no minus).
Last night I thought I heard the same thing, but about an hour later Homey told me that the temperature went down to minus 1 degrees Celcius, so I thought I might have heard it wrong.

But when the same thing happened again today, I decided to check what Homey had said by asking; "Nog eens?" (personal flow), and again it said 0.5 without minus. So, I checked my string-variable 'lastWords' that stores every last thing that Homey said. The new Tag-thingy comes in very handy here... and it shows Logic: lastWords -> 'De buitentemperatuur is gedaald naar -0.5 graden' ... So, the minus is in the string, but Homey does say '0.5 graden' instead of 'minus 0.5 graden'. 
Because Homey DOES say minus as soon as it's 1 or more degrees below zero, I guess the bug may only show up with numbers inbetween 0 and -1.


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