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Fibaro motion sensor settings

After the public release of Homey i decided to rest my homey completely and decided to stick with non-experimental releases. I've re-installed all apps from scratch.

I'm trying to get the fibaro motion sensor to work, but can't figure how to get it working. The light on the motion sensor lights up when I pass by, but no flow is triggered (it did trigger only once in the beginning). 

I'm lost in the form/github/slack woods and can't find the proper z-wave settings. Anyone has a screenshot or solution for me?

Maybe it's good to mention these things in the app store.


  • what version of the sensor are you using?
    the z-wave plus or normal z-wave version?
    does it change state at all in the mobile card?
  • The version is 2.6 (at least it says on the box), it's the normal Z-wave version.
    The tamper alarm seems to be on all the time and the movement sensor changes when I move on the card. Strange?
  • have you changed any settings? if not then please try rebooting your homey
  • Today after 5 month my battery of the zwave+ Motion sensor was empty! I have to buy a New battery. But i will investigate which parameter was too heavy tuned that the battery was going fast to Zero...
  • @phil_s ;
    did you change any parameters?
  • last motion yesterday at no reactions of led and if you triple klick no blue led. so i thin the battery is dead

    my settings:

  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited November 2016
    i have a battery status of 85% yesterday, but i dont know if the insights of the battery in the fibaro app are correct

  • casedacaseda Member
    edited November 2016
    @phil_s ;
    Battery report can indeed be wrong, led must turn blue when triple clicking the B-Button, if not your battery is most likely empty.

    I see a lot of motion (the green?) so that probably is the cause of battery draining fast
    If that happens everyday, or at least most days

    Ps: did the temperature offset (-13, -1,3 degree) work?  
  • phil_sphil_s Member
    edited November 2016
    yes the green is motion detection and it is most days...

    i must say that i am not known as a wizard of zwave and fibaro settings ;-)
    so i configured some time ago my sensor and it just workes till yesterday.

    the sensor is situated in my living room and so it reports much motion. but is this not good? should i configure it that it only does it in some time windows or special situations?

    i thought tracking motion is its thing it has to do? ;-)

    when you have some tipps for me i will be glad.

    the temperatue offset worked i think:

  • @phil_s ;
    The motion sensor is indeed build to detect motion, and the year battery life they mention is based on motion once in a while (like in the hallway), in the living room it practically detects and sends motion all the time. You could put the cancelation delay very high, so it will not send the on and off as much, but it still is getting triggered internally, and the lights stay on as well all that time. 
    You can't specify time inside the module sadly, only below/above a lux threshold, but if you use that as a window it basically still gets triggered when your at home most of the times, since it is dark enough then, anyway. 

    I'm dealing with the same "issue" but have not found a battery safe solution yet, except for rotating away the motion sensor when not really needed (too cumbersome)

    Myself am thinking about moving it to a location that only views a small area in front of the window (security reasons) but does not detect my entire living room 
    And just use the motion sensor in the hallway(s) as triggers in my living room (not that many anyway) 

    Or buying an aeotec motion sensor on DC power cable, so no batteries anymore 
  • ok, thank you for your thoughts. i will test an aeotec than for the livingroom. but it´s design isn't comparable with the fibaro one. 

    rotating away ist really a cool solution,  :D

    the lux variant is an idea... so i will test. i think i will take the fibaro in the hallway if i have an powercabled motionsensor in the future.

    bytheway: which zwave motionsensor would be than for outdoor (for the lightning in front of the housedoor) the best? the fibaro isn't a good solution ithink. i have a powercable in my housewall in 2m hight next to my housedoor. is there any zwavie-motionsensor i could install?
  • Thanx @phil_s ! I notice there's a difference in the  parameters between z-wave and z-wvae+ modules, so I can't exactly replicate your settings. @caseda do you have an overview of best working settings for usage?
  • @phil_s ;
    Some do have the Fibaro Motion sensor taped around the edge to make it "watertight"
    I myself took some ordinary cheap 230 motion outside detectors (non wireless) and stuffed a zwave relay module inside and connected the input to the switching output of the motion sensor, works really good. 
  • @bierre you can't compare the 2 sensors at all, not just because of different parameters 

    But there is no 1 best settings, the best "all important information, good battery life" is already default, some people like longer battery life, some better information. 
    So it's just user dependent, but also situation/position dependent. 
  • VeldkornetVeldkornet Member
    edited March 2017
    I have the Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus version, I see that my tamper alarm on the device never seems to go out, it's always flashing. Anyone else with this problem?
  • I have the same issue with a couple @Veldkornet. I tried to set the alarm parameter on a lower sensitivity. Doesn't fix it for me. I have a plus as well
  • I have the Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus version, I see that my tamper alarm on the device never seems to go out, it's always flashing. Anyone else with this problem?
    Same problrm
  • Did you make any changes to the Tampere settings?
    All other sensor data is updating correctly?
  • I have the Motion Sensor Z-Wave Plus version, I see that my tamper alarm on the device never seems to go out, it's always flashing. Anyone else with this problem?
    Same problrm
    I had the same problem with one of three. I send it back. Tomorrow should my replacement come to me. 
  • For all the people having issues with the motion alarm not being shut off, this is most of the time related to the distance between your sensor and the gateways/homey, even if the built-in network check states solid green. I had the exact same issue and put some z-wave wall sockets in the hallway to act as gateways. Now all sensors work fine.
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