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Press release 16 november 2016: Homey first Dutch Kickstarter with nationwide retail launch

keverjeroenkeverjeroen Member
edited November 2016 in Questions & Help
Enlish press release:


Homey first Dutch Kickstarter with nationwide retail launch

2 years after the successful campaign, Homey will be available across the country this Saturday.

Enschede, Netherlands, 16 November 2016 – Athom’s first product, Homey, will launch in Dutch retail this Saturday. Next to Athom’s online store at, Homey will be available in iCentre, Ivizi, MediaMarkt, Robbshop, Domotica-shop, WifiMedia and Electrostyling stores. This makes Homey the first successful Dutch Kickstarter campaign to reach nationwide retail availability.


  • TheoDeKoningTheoDeKoning Member
    edited November 2016
    Lets hope for Athom that my worries not become true.

    May the Force be with you.

  • Not only for Athom but for us as well.

    Maybe it's time for a Yoda and Vader voice for Homey..
    Always in motion, the future is..
  • Cool, grtz all. Great moment!
  • Congratulations, really awesome! Let's hope the userbase expands fastly.

    Also made possible by the community!
  • steenjensensteenjensen Member
    edited November 2016
  • fiekfiek Member
    edited November 2016
    Great moment for @Athom... Congrats guys. I hope that @Athom will double the effort to make Homey more simple to regular retail users. I am not a regular retail user and I am not a dev. I am somewhere in between

    I got my Homey in April and I spend a lot hours making things work. My humble opinion is that Homey at this moment is still too unreliable and difficult for retail users. Nevertheless I hope that I am wrong.
  • Great moment for @athom indeed. I have spread the news at my company today and there are people actually thinking about buying one. Lets hope that the first batch of retail users don't get disappointed!
  • Is it known if Athom will drop the 'beta' status on the software at that moment? 

    Selling a product in Mediamarkt is very different then from your own website. We have 'accepted' the unfinished status of many aspect because we support the developers. But if I would have picked up a Homey in a shop not knowing the 433 Mhz range is measured in centimeters instead of meters I would have an issue with that.
  • Mathijs said:
    knowing the 433 Mhz range is measured in centimeters instead of meters I would have an issue with that.

     :p  :p  lolz
  • @Mathijs ;
    I agree. I hope of course that they will succeed. But i'm afraid that the reason go public is money driven. They need money, so they start selling to the public. 

    I my opinion the product is not ready for the public, so i'm afraid that many people will return the product a few weeks after they bought it because it is not working as good as expected or promised.

    The current status is for Geeks or al least technical interested people. Not ready for the mother of @Emile i think, sure not simple enough for my mother or even my wife.

    The good news is, that if they sell now, they get money so they can hire more people to make the product better.

  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    edited November 2016
    I wonder if setting up home-automation will ever be for non-technical oriented people, guessing not. But I think Homey comes closest ATM, compared to other systems...
  • Have sold my homey in the first half of this year but still follow this project as I am very interested in it.
    It would be a great achievement when the product is ready for the big mass but reading through all fora I would be very surprised.
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