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GUI map

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a GUI where I can see a map of my house and all devices in there? So I see a map of my first floor with my living room and on that map I see a picture of a lamp. When I touch that lamp I get a pop-up to turn on or off that lamp. I think this is a nice feature, how do you think about it?

Kind regards



  • That would be aswome! A simple floorplan Designer(table couch chair and device logo's) or an overlay on a picture. Where the picture would be a DIY 2D floorplan.

    But i do not think the standard app has this function.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    Pretty cool idea. I suggest you try to make it yourself using our API!

  • +1


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    edited June 2015

    Hint: GET /api/manager/devices/ will give you a list of devices with their names, icons, types, zone etc.

  • I've been busy with making a website to control Homey via a map. Here is a link to an album on Google Photo's with some screenshots.

  • Wow!
    Is it possible to program this in the SDK?

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    @RobinVanKekem Euhm no sorry, this is what I made myself.

    At this moment the devices only return a pop-up box of a different website. When I receive my Homey, I will connect everything.
    This website is now running on a USB-stick for development (USBWebServer) and on my Synology NAS for usage, so it's also not availible from out of my house.

    If other people want something like this, it's a simple wordpress site (TwentyFourteen theme) for which I can send some style stuff (style.css) and the javascript codes. With those things, almost everyone can make a site like this.

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    This is super awesome @PeterGroeneweg! While I was away this weekend I was thinking if we should embed something like this in Homey itself. I have some pretty cool ideas about this, so maaaybe!

  • That should be really awesome! I did it the easy way, create a gif image in PhotoShop and put some hotspots on it to call on JS functions. If you want to make this configurable for everyone then you must make and online editor or something... This can be very hard I think.

    But it really would be an awesome feature!

  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom

    I already have some cool ideas, so you can drag 'n drop the zones, rotate them and create rounded edges. Maybe a little bit limited, but hey, it looks cool!

  • Fire69Fire69 Member

    Awesome idea! :-)

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    certainly nice option, and something I really look for in a good domotica system!

    I'm just starting again with Domotica in our new house , so not many devices yet. But this is my "map" for now, drawing made in Google Sketchup:

  • I see Domoticz here.

  • Correct! :-)
    Nothing more than Toon thermostat + Philips Hue for now. Within a few days i'm going to test the Fibaro wall plugs. Next step is a Homey so I can expand my sensors etc (and add my IO homecontrol devices;-))

  • Somfy IO homecontrol?

  • edited September 2015

    yeah, also used by velux, niko etc etc.

  • Because Somfy IO homecontrol isn't supported yet.

  • Hi All,

    Is there any news about this feature or anyone building and app for it?




  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Yes, it's on the list, but not until Homey is super stable and we've added other features first.
  • Something like this? 
  • I honestly never understood why this is cool or why you would want this. Specially if you have voice activation.... And if you name your devices logically.
  • or a 3D one :smile: 

  • PimBliek said:
    I honestly never understood why this is cool or why you would want this. Specially if you have voice activation.... And if you name your devices logically.
    Especially for someone who isn't familiar with all 'nick' names for all lights and such this is very useful.
    I like it ! :smiley: 
  • Because this provides you with the best possible overview of your home, especially on the go.
  • And thereby, the voice activation only works in the room where Homey is or with your phone. But when I'm working on my computer it's easy to click a button on a website.
  • To be honest the best use case for the map I have is to show off. But from time to time I use it to check whether or not I shut down all devices or device status in general. Because a map is just so much more intuitive than a plain list of devices. Especially when you'll have more and more connected devices over time.

    For me this feature would be a nice to have but definitely not a must have.

  • Ok, fair enough ;). Just not my cuppa tea I guess ;).
  • I'm curious if this is still on the 'todo-list'.. 
  • Has someone started an app-like solution yet (maybe temporarily until its native supported by Athom)? I'm looking for a next project  :).
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