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Aeotec Water Sensor working on 0.9.2

DaneeDeKruyffDaneeDeKruyff Member
edited August 2016 in Devices
I've created an app for the Aeotec Water Sensor and it's almost working but I'm a bit stuck. 

The Water Sensor reports to the console when water is detected:

but the status on the device never changes:

Here's the code that fires:

Full code is available here:

Hope someone can help me out.


  • casedacaseda Member
    edited August 2016
    change your if state to a real if state
     report => {
    report['Sensor Value'] === 'detected an event'
    function( report ){
    if( report['Sensor Value'] === 'detected an event' )

    now it will corrupt your parser and fail
  • @caseda @kasteleman ;
    Thanks for your help, the sensor is working it's now.
    The only thing that's not working is the default settings for parameter 121 'Reports_that_will_be_sent'

    The default value should be 16 but that's not working. I've set it to 256 now so after pairing this value needs to be changed to 16, saved and the sensor needs to be woken up for it to work.

    I'm not planning on getting the app in the store, I'd like my code to be added to Athom's Aeotec app, no idea what the procedure is, maybe @Robin can tell me how to proceed.

    1. Fork the athom's aeotec to your github
    2. Clone the fork to your local computer
    3. Change the code
    4. Commit your changes
    5. On your github page, compare changes between your fork and the original repository
    6. Create a pull request to notify the owner of the original repository you have changes ready
  • @RobinVanKekem thanks, just did the above steps, all went well.
  • @RobinVanKekem thanks, just did the above steps, all went well.
    Well done!
    All those Github terms are a pain in the ass when you begin with it!
  • Ivo is allready on it.
    Starting to get the hang of it with Github, just made another pull request :)
  • And their both merged!
    Well done!
  • I have downloaded the aeotech app but the water sensor is not detetcting status changes. Is this fix implemented in the app? 
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