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Control your Panasonic Viera Smart TV!! Available in de Appstore

wingiewingie Member
edited June 2016 in Apps
Because at the moment my tv isn't reacting on the infrared commands from homey I searched for an other solution and see if it could be controlled via network and came across this nodejs implementation.

So I hope that someone has some time and knowledge to implement this in app just like @jorden did for the onkyo receiver which is superb (waiting for athom to fix gc so it keeps on working)


Control Panasonic Viera SmartTV with Homey done by @jorden ;;;

*Want to show your appreciation for this app? A donation is possible via *

App contains the following action cards:

  • Send command (contains all keys you can send to the TV)
  • Set volume


  • TV is (not) muted
  • TV is (not) on

Sadly, most units do not support Power On via IP. VIERA Link (HDMI CEC) can be used for power if available. 2012 VT50/GT50/WT50 and 2013 VT60/ZT60/WT60 support Wake on LAN for Full IP Control via Ethernet (US Models Only). You probably first have to turn it on via: Menu > Network > Wake on LAN. Otherwise, all functions won't work until you turn on the TV using your remote.

Big thanks to

Version 0.3.0:

  • Added 'TV is on' condition card
  • Fixed bug on pairing timeout

Version 0.2.0:

  • Added discovery of device

Version 0.1.0:

  • First version


  • wingiewingie Member
    edited June 2016
    It's almost ready thanks to the fantastic work from @jorden and it even includes discovery of your Panasonic Viera TV and it will tell you what kind of TV model you have. 
  • great work @jorden ;

  • This is what I was waiting for !
  • jordenjorden Member
    Submitted to the app store for approval!
  • jordenjorden Member
    And it is published!
  • edited June 2016
    Great! But it crashes all the time while adding the tv device
  • jordenjorden Member
    Is the correct IP entered for your device?
  • How can I set the correct IP if the Add a device dialog (to add the TV) crashes?
  • bvdbosbvdbos Member
    I would try to install and subsequently delete the app (before it crashes). Then try to re-install. Might help...
  • wingiewingie Member
    hnijveen said:
    How can I set the correct IP if the Add a device dialog (to add the TV) crashes?
    if you add your tv which ipaddress is displayed and which model? Is it the correct one for your TV? And is your tv wireless or wired connected? 
  • edited June 2016
    @wingie The dialog in which - I assume - the IP address & the model are displayed crashes. The TV is connected (wired) and I can use the iOS Panasonic app to connect to the tv / access internet from the TV apps
  • wingiewingie Member
    @hnijveen can you try to load this app via cli in debug mode and get some logging this way. Just to be sure your TV is on if you try to add it?

    Which ipaddress should it use?
  • jordenjorden Member
    Update coming up soon. Shouldn't crash anymore when it doesn't autodetect your TV on the network.
  • @jorden , @wingie Do you still want me to send some logging or shall I just wait for the update?
  • jordenjorden Member
    I'm not sure the update will solve it, but it should avoid the crash. It could simply be that the protocol on your TV is different than the one used to build this.
    However, when the update is published you will be able to manually enter your IP-address so then the 'real testing' can begin. The logs are of no use at this moment.
  • jordenjorden Member
    The update is now published.
  • edited June 2016
    Unfortunately no change what so ever, Still crashing & I can not manually add the tv ip. If you want me to test - in debug mode- let me now. @jorden, @wingie Let me know
  • Are you considering the option to manually add the tv ip address?
  • jordenjorden Member
    That option is available, as soon as the scan times out. Works well for me (as I don't have a TV in the network that is detected).

    Perhaps you can run the app in developer mode, so you can see the logs of the crashing? That will be very useful for solving this.
  • Great, will try to schedule some time for this weekend to produce the logs. 
  • @jorden could you add the option to be able to make us of the tags / global variables that have been introduced in version 1.1.2. 

    I want to make a flow in which I can set/alter the input (for example HDMI 1 or HDMI or Tuner) via a variable/tag. Because than i will be able to make one flow in which i turn on the tv and set it to the correct channel depending on the flow it was started from. (for example i like to to watch tv set variable to HDMI 1 or i want to play a game set it to HDMI  2 etc). 

    i already tried to do this but because at the moment it's using a predefined pulldown/dropdown list you can't fill in a variable name of type string. 
  • @wingie I will have to look into that soon. Not sure if it's possible. It's been a while since I've touched this app and I don't have a Panasonic TV myself.
    (On a side note, I just have this week of work and then I'll be gone for holidays for 2 weeks so not much can be done ;))
  • Would be great if support can be added and for testing you can count on me. Just yell (after office hours
  • @jorden and if you succeed in adding this functionality please add it to your onkyo app as well.
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