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Window handle position sensor

Been searching the internet for a sensor which isn't like the ones who you stick on a window and detect if the window is closed or open.
I would like to know if the windows is secured!

I found this device of Busch-Jaeger which uses a (sort) of tilt sensor to tell if the window either open, closed (or for plastic windows) in ventilation:

This device is for the (Homey unsupported) KNX system.

Is there any Z-wave version out there?


  • MarcoFMarcoF Member

    Fibaro Door/window sensor?

  • But they won't detect if the window is not only closed but also secured.

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member

    I have several of these sensors installed and the report;

    It's to the controller to set the device in the software to open or closed.

    My very3 detects if an window/door is open or close but also if it's opened of closed.

  • Yes, but a closed window is not necessarily a secured window

  • MarcoFMarcoF Member

    Ok I get it.

    I think it's for allot of Windows different if the are "closed" and/or securely closed.

    There tons of locking types, vent positions and ways windows open/close.

    I don't think there's a generic solution or devices to solve your problem.

  • I get the idea there is: see the links in my first post.
    It reports the position of the handle. It's there for KNX and another protocol but not for Z Wave

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