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Categorizing flows

jordenjorden Member
edited March 2016 in Archive
Although I haven't even added all my devices yet, and haven't even added all flows I want to add, I already have quite a long list of flows now... 20+ of them.
I would like it if I could categorize them. For example, group all 'sunscreen related', group all 'motion detection related' etc.

Also because there are flows that I won't ever change (for example: If it starts to rain, sunscreens go up) and others that I will change often.

Who else agrees?


  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    This is on the planning 'Better Flow Management'.

    You can then create 'folders' for flows, that you can collapse.
  • Awesome!
  • aloftaloft Member
    Will 'better flow management' also contain active search within flow-names, like you can do with devices?

    I have a naming-convention for my flows, so I can easily find all "EXE" (Execute) flows or "CHK" (Check) flows.  This would help with my 50+ flows that I currently have. And I haven't even started yet rolling out all features and devices I want ;-)

    In addition to folders, such a search would help. If it can be enabled in the short-term, even better with the non-existent scrolling; I have to resort to all kinds of tricks to reach my flows (like zooming Chrome to 33 % to get all flows in font-size 2 on my screen ;-) )
  • Yes please - I had to hook up a bigger monitor, especially when the flow you last worked on jumps to the bottom. Can the flow list maybe have multiple columns? Folders is good too, with a search bar at the top :)
  • I would prefer folders. When you have multiple flows for the same device or action you can group them in a folder. 
  • EmileEmile Administrator, Athom
    Search is a very good suggestion, I'll add it! 
  • I noticed that I often duplicate flows to have an "On" flow and a "Off" flow. could a duplicate flow button be added?
  • JaapPelt said:
    I noticed that I often duplicate flows to have an "On" flow and a "Off" flow. could a duplicate flow button be added?
    I have the same problem and that is almost always because the current flow editor only allows for "if" statements and doesn't support "else" statements.

    So for me, it's a deeper problem and would rather see an "else" functionality (perhaps optional so that all end users understand?), maybe next to duplicating flows?
  • Agree with @MartijnHarte ;! Now you need separate flows for on and off actions (or I am very wrong?).... Would be nice if ELSE would become available as well. Or some kind of advanced flow editor for more advanced flows / scripts
  • @Emile ; Just a simple question is it possible to organise the flows alphabeticly? because now if I save one it is set to the bottom of all flows or will this be added in the better flow management as well?
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