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App Store not possible to sign in

i just wanted to install the Wake On Lan but i dont can me sign in when i done this then looks in the right sight the sign in Button, any Problems on the server? Cookies i have cleaned before i posted here


  • not according to but I experience the same...

  • Somethimes there is a redirect to  (see the point at the  end!) remove this point from the url and then it's ok.
  • Now i can log in but i dont can install any apps, i have reboot homey but it doesnt work. Error something wents wrong try again
  • Status page now does mention the app store is in "maintenance" at the moment
  • joachimjoachim Member
    edited March 2016
    Hi guys, there were indeed some issues around the app store today and yesterday. These have been fixed and the problems should be over now. Apologies for the inconvenience!
  • Hi All, Is there an issue with the app store? I cannot sign in.

  • jstelten said:

    Hi All, Is there an issue with the app store? I cannot sign in.

    Seen some strange behavior last day's, remove all cookies for the related sites and sign in again.. should work again then.
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