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Infrared: push a button doesn't work?

I am trying to make my Homey learn some of the buttons on my infrared remote control:
- Mute
- Power
- Netflix

My television is an Android TV and relatively new. If I try to 'automaticly' recognize, nothing comes up if I press the buttons 1 to 9.

So I chose to add a device, Infrared, Manual. Then I press the Power, and Mute button. No Netflix yet to keep it easy.
I press the button, Homey recognizes the signal. I can select 'Power' or 'Mute' as the button.

Then I create a flow. In the 'then' I drag the new IR device, select 'Mute' or 'Power' as the button to push. I connect this to a speechcommand and add a voice so I know for sure it has been executed.

So that works, but the TV doesn't mute. No matter where I place my Homey. The rainbow stops, though....

Now I am in doubt, is there a bug in the code, is this functionality not yet available or am I doing something wrong? Did anyone get this working yet?


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