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Ability to click device card to turn on/off

PandaPanda Member
edited March 2016 in Archive
It would be nice if device cards are clickable to turn on or off for example a light or a fan, to turn on the light now we need to click the setting icon thingy to flip the switch. However this doesn't work for the action socket used as a fan.


  • +100


    And even for things like dimmers, have some thing click-able for pre-set levels (maybe configurable levels) off/30%/60%/100% and/or include a slider.

    Also missing the at a glance view of a devices status..  is it on/off?
  • +1 for the idea 
  • +1 for switch and dimmer (maybe use grey for turned off )

  • Can imaging a device card displays all possible interactions with the device (available). It should represent the tags available with the device building flows.
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