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My Homey switch the Led Ring to Rainbow to Red in every 5 Seconds

hello, what is the fault, my homey doesnt understand me, no correct voice training,  and the led ring steps always every 5 Seconds to red, what is the fault? i dont have any idea, i have recovery 2 times , Voice install and reinstall,and it doesnt help and i have delete all voice flows..., i dont want to erase all data because the Z-Wave pairing, have you anybody an idea? 


  • Change the brightness of your led back to 100% and reboot homey. There's a bug that breaks voice control if you configure the brightness of  your LED to < 100%
  • That works 1000% very big thanks Everton, perfect community here!!!
  • Good to see some postive reactions here :). You're welcome. Have fun playing around 
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