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Let Homey send your Whatsapp messages

I (unfortunately) do not know a lot about programming but I was inspired by this DIY project: Wouldn't it be cool to let Homey send group messages to whatsapp triggered on events. Or even let hem send your whatsapp messages you dictate to homey!

One thing is for sure: I would never be able to build this.... But you guys could... i hope..   :)


  • is python installed on homey ?
  • PandaPanda Member
    edited March 2016
    The problem is that those third party api's are not allowed by Whatsapp which will result in a ban for your number on whatsapp.
  • WebsterWebster Member
    edited May 2016
    Using it for almost a year now on a rpi no problems with it

    i use a prepaid card for it so if it is blocked no worry just buy a new one
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