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Point - Minut

I bought a couple of Points a while ago and expect delivery this month. I'm interested to find out if anyone else is interested in point and how to integrated this device with Homey (dev an app). For additional info check: And yes, an api is available.


  • Wow, sounds like a great way to detect if somebody is home. Not bad for €99.-
  • That's an interesting device! Definitely sounds like it can detect things an IR sensor alone won't detect (people sitting very still watching a loud movie).
  • I have bought one as well. But like Homey, I'm stil waiting for it to arrive.
    It would be nice seeing it connected to Homey...
  • When it arrives, let us know what you think!
  • itsamaikitsamaik Member
    edited March 2016
    I'm interested in this device, just sent them a message asking about the API. Could you please update us about your experience with the device? Maybe I'll buy one as well. 
  • itsamaikitsamaik Member
    edited March 2016
    I've sent them a message through Facebook, asking about:
    1. The API documentation (since it's on request)
    2. If we could potentially use Minut Point as a microphone extension for Homey

    They've replied that I could email them regarding the documentation, which I have done (waiting for a reply). Using Minut Point as a microphone extension is not possible though. 

    -- Edit:
    Got the API documentation (draft). Looks like I can only get my hands on one around April / early May, so I can't do anything for now unless someone gets it early and wants to lend it to me for a moment. 

    -- Edit 2:
    "Queries directed to our demo account get data from our office. It's just a way for you to start testing the API without needing a device yourself."
    Seems like I can do some coding soon! 
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    Great stuff @itsamaik. When I receive my points, I will contact you.  p
  • Did receive my Points yesterday  :) 

    The setup is easy and for a device capable of measuring air quality and pressure, sound , humidity, temp and presence it is a great device to integrate it with Homey and trigger all kind of flows.

  • aloftaloft Member
    So it works with Homey out of the box? 
  • No it does not. An 'Homey' app needs to be developed. Api is available.
  • Seems that there will be a new version of Point soon. Could any1 tell me their exp with the first product?

  • kinda curious how the presence actually works and how it knows the difference between certain users.
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    Use the Point app, create users, install app on all devices, log in on the device with a spec user and you're set.
  • You can use ifttt to integrate it with Homey (set presence)
  • Experience with first product is very ok. Never had any major issue. Support from Minut is very good (one of my points malfunction on sound) They replaced it immediately and I did not have to send back the 'broken' point. Easy as it should be ;)
  • @hnijveen thanks for the info. Do you know how the presence detection works?  My impression was that it could detect movement as well. If it's only by phone some bluetooth detectors are cheaper.
    I can create an app for Homey but ofcourse I'd need to buy one first ;)
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    It could very well be. You can check: if it is possible to asses movement between devices or ask Minut  They are very willing to help and discuss next steps (at least is my exp)

    Just ordered the new version, integration with Homey is just fine (using ifttt).
  • _Marco__Marco_ Member
    edited August 2018
    I have now several Points model MT-P2  (latest model) on my desk and I can send one it to someone who can make a program for Homey.   I can sell one to a beginning developer or donate one to a serious developer (proven to have programmed apps before for Homey). Integration with Heimdall is a wish.

  • Software updates and history

    Many of you wondered what is included with each firmware update. To that end we are publishing the change log in our Help Centre.

    Smoke detection and Point

    When we started the campaign for Point, we also initiated the process for certifying Point according to the regulations for smoke detectors. Unfortunately, we’ve since learned that some requirements in these specifications prevent us from certifying Point in its current design. Read the full story.

    Update on motion detection

    There’s a bigger variation between units than we expected affecting the sensitivity of detecting motion. These differences requires updates to the algorithms for detecting motion. Testing each change takes a bit of time, but has our full attention. Read the full story

    Open issues 

    Here’s a short rundown of open topics we’re busy working on. We’ll be publishing more about these in the weeks and months to come. 

    • Improved motion sensitivity and responsiveness. 
    • Improving the alarm sound recognition. 
    • There’s a bug related to charging some Points. A workaround is described here.
    • There’s a bug affecting some units making them go offline shortly after installation. We’re working on a fix. More info to come. 
    • Continuing the work to improve battery life.

    Next production batch 

    With the US shipments on their way, we are now out of stock in all our warehouses. Two of our engineers are back in China for the next production run and the current estimate is that we’ll have more stock again around September 20.

    Feature roadmap 

    There’s lots more for Point coming! Find out what’s on the roadmap.

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