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Why does this Flow not work?

brot84brot84 Member
edited February 2016 in Archive
Hello i have buy yesterday a Geek Homey from the maarktplaats , i have many issues Homey doesnt give me an answer but this is not a New issue and i hope thats the 0.18 Works better..Today i have Try to make a Flow but it doesnt work. What goes wrong?? I have make a Flow with a Fibaro Motion Sensor and 3 Hue Lamps


  • Hello @brot84 ;, if i'm right its a known issue at this moment that flows that use motion / door sensors as a trigger do not work. They say it will be fixed in the next update.
  • Hi brot84,

    did you wake up your sensor so Homey can apply the settings to it? Try button bashing the button under the cover of the sensor a few times. In the device card the generic alarm should pulse red when motion is detected.
  • YES in the UI pulse the Generic Alarm red,the Motion are detected correct so what i see
  • Great, then your sensor is correctly setup.

    The flow isn't triggering because of a bug like RobertLijkenDijk mentioned.
  • My Kaku doorsensor (amst-606 I guess, not at home right now) does work in de flow as a trigger. I use it as a pause-button for media :smile: for now...
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