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trigger homey by mail

could homey recieve mails and get trigger by specified mail (object, subject..text) to be trigger to make action?
for example, my alarm system could send email to me and homey, so homey could do something after it recieve the alarm-mail


  • i thought that ifttt for mail could be a backup choice, i would know if homey could recieve email, to avoid passing throught ifttt channel/server, does it?
  • You could read the mail using Node-red on a raspberry and let it trigger a flow in Homey.
  • why complicate things when homey could simply check a mail? i don't wanna use a rasp to do that.. i will write on Ideas & suggestions to ask that the support add a tiny mail client to homey
  • True, if you can wait and if they will ever build this. Installing node-red on a new rasp can be done in a few minutes. Node-red offers more, not direct domotica related, functionality than the Homey will ever offer. I think that they don't need/have to. 
  • i think that use a rasp or any other device/hub to do that is not to the right way behind homey idea, the direction is to concetrate all into homey, no more IOT hub, but only one, Homey, so i hope in that functionality..
    don't you?
    i don't wanna control x hub...
  • i wanna use onky homey to do all that we need for domotica, for example, i have hue bridge (v2) and i hope to remove it asap :smile: 
  • @Sommo ; , do i need a bridge when i buy Hue that works with Homey?
  • Yes, I hope so too but the IOT thing is the problem here, it is more than Domotica. Is IFTTT or any other webservice any different? I like to keep my data in my own network and not in the cloud. Besides Node-Red is interesting software and very easy to use and I happen to have a Raspberry ;-)
  • PeterNijenbrink : yes, for now you need it to control hue, maybe in future not
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