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More device info on "device card" of zone

I noticed the "device card"(or how its called), only shows an icon + name.
My Vera3 also displays some sort of device card but with more info like;
  • power usage
  • dimmer %, 
  • lux value, 
  • CO2 value,
  • Wind speed,
  • temperature,
  • etc.
If this is not possible, maybe some sort of dashboard could be made where people can place the most important values.


  • AthomeyAthomey Member
    edited February 2016
    In Homey you have this in a pop-up card, though lost of information for devices is still missing in the pop-ups. When devices get specific apps, you'll be able to see more info, how I understand it.

    The pop-ups create a very clean view, compared to Vera, but a lot less overview/insight at one glance. In Homey you can see 1 pop-up at a time.

    I think your request would improve Homey and usability a lot.
  • Thanx @Athomey clean is +1
    But some sort of overview/insight of whats happening inside/outside the house would be very nice.

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