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Request - Denon A/V Receiver App

RobertLijkendijkRobertLijkendijk Backer - Early Bird
Hi there,

I am using a Denon A/V Receiver (AVR x2200w), which can be controlled by multiple smartphone / Windows 10 apps. I was wondering if somebody here with programming skills is able and willing to create a Homey app for the Denon AV receivers...

When I searched for Denon on GitHub there are already some results (https://github.com/search?utf8=✓&q=denon). Perhaps this can be a starting point used to create a Homey app easily?

Unfortunately I do not have any programming skills (yet) myself.

Usefull functions I can think off for the app:
Switch power on / off
Read current volume and change volume
Read current source input and change input
Listen to internet music (internet radio / Spotify)



  • JacquesHeijndersJacquesHeijnders Backer - Geek Edition
    I like to use it for my Denon AVR X4000 ...
  • MarkVanDerHeijdenMarkVanDerHeijden Backer - Geek Edition
    +1, X2100W owner here :)

    Not really for the basics (power, volume) because I'll do that via the Harmony (or the Harmony Homey app which will no doubt be coming too!) but mainly for playing music directly from a DLNA server or internet radio.

    I would assume that once Homey has bluetooth speaker support, it can also use the Denon bluetooth module. So having Homey speak through the speakers will then be possible too I guess. Hopefully at an easy volume and maybe with a small announcement sound to prevent heart attacks ;)
  • MarcoVanDenHoud is working on a app to controll Marantz receivers, it basicly uses the same command set as Denon, so I think its easier to combine this.
  • RobertLijkendijkRobertLijkendijk Backer - Early Bird
    Yes I already noticed the topic and replied in it. Good suggestion @Panda  !
  • With the great work @MarcoVanDenHoud did I got the following working. Added some commands to test on my Denon AVR-X1200w, I'm going to add more commands to try things out.

  • Fire69Fire69 Backer - Geek Edition
    edited February 2016
    Why did you make that flow with the card in the middle? 

    Never mind, just saw peao's post about that  :) 
  • MartijnHarteMartijnHarte Backer - Geek Edition
    Wouldnt it then be better to create a seperate "when" card for each word then? So you can mix up the sentence when you speak?
  • MarcoVanDenHoutMarcoVanDenHout Backer - Geek Edition
    The Marantz App 0.0.1 is available in the App store now, with just 'poweron' and 'standby' actions. It should work for Denon as well. Meanwhile I've added input source select and mute/unmute action cards in 0.0.2 which is now submitted for review (and available on GitHub for the geeks ;).

    Does anyone know of a list with all the possible source input names for Denon and Marantz amplifiers? I noticed that Marantz actually has 'protocol' documents for multiple AVR's so I could create a database which lists which model has which inputs, so when the app knows the model, it can hide the nonexistent input sources. 
  • RobertLijkendijkRobertLijkendijk Backer - Early Bird
    @MarcoVanDenHout ; I am wondering though how that will work when you have renamed inputs... For example I renamed my Mediaplayer input to AppleTV4, Game to PS4 etc etc.... Will the inputs still have the original name deeper inside the system or not....
  • MarcoVanDenHoutMarcoVanDenHout Backer - Geek Edition
    You need to use the original input names.. so for example if you use the Game input for your Playstation, you still need to choose Game as the input. Right now I don't see a function to get the user's input names. In fact, my Marantz' web interface also just shows the factory input names.
  • MarcoVanDenHoutMarcoVanDenHout Backer - Geek Edition
    Ofcourse it should be possible to create a settings page within Homey to rename it there as well...
  • BartBart Backer - Geek Edition
    Just tested the Marantz app with my Denon AVR X1000 and the on/off functions work perfect.

    Hope to see new functionality coming soon  :) 
  • edited February 2016
    Question for MarcoVanDenHout: What is (potentially) the added value of this app if you have a Harmony Hub and use the to-be-released Harmony Hub app/driver?
  • MarcoVanDenHoutMarcoVanDenHout Backer - Geek Edition
    The app could also be made to read the status (current input, volume level, etc)
  • +1

    Would be great if I could also control my Denon CEOL N9 Network player with is! I do believe the app for the AVR-X serieus is different compared to the CEOL series...
  • MarcoVanDenHoutMarcoVanDenHout Backer - Geek Edition
    CEOL uses a different protocol so probably should be a different app. I guess they have a web interface so you could write an app that simulates a web user. I don't expect to make that app myself.
  • The app could also be made to read the status (current input, volume level, etc)
    Thanks Marco. Clear.
  • ziobitziobit Member
    edited August 2017
    I know it's late but I bought a CEOL N9 for xmas, and I just started doing a windows app to control it (XP up to win10, portable, no installation required and no .net/java crap required too).
    Since I am doing it skinnable too - I am not good at graphics - it will take some days but it's already working for me, so if somebody needs it, just drop me a line. massimoperoncelli@gmail.com
  • ziobitziobit Member
    edited August 2017
    I mean, a Win EXE, not an app :)
  • I'm wondering: does Homey see my receiver as device? And is it possible to use voice control with it? I would like to tell Homey to turn my receiver on, without making a flow.
  • Hi There,

    Is someone how Can make a app/support for Harman Kardon AVR 170?
    This is a A/V Tuner that can controlled by Harman APP on my phone.
    Unfortunately I do not have programming skills (yet) by myself.

    Usefull functions I can think off for the app:
    Switch power on / off
    Read current volume and change volume
    Read current source input and change input
    Listen to internet music (internet radio / Spotify)

    A Donation is availible.
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