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OK HOMEY is clearly OK!

I must say that after practicing a lot about 8 out of 10 OK HOMEY's work. Today tried it from another room about 8 meters away from Homey and it worked about 50% of the time. Not bad at all


  • Practicing?
    You mean the voice training or practice for yourself how to speak to Homey?
  • How to speak to Homey
  • There's a bit more to this issue it seems, I moved my homey to the living room, tried it again and it was almost flawless. recognised all my "OK homey" and did some tests with time and a test flow I made. Pretty much 99% of the time it seemed fine! tried various ways of saying OK homey and it seemed to respond.

    Now for some reason it doesn't want to work again, not responsive at all, very occasional one seems to respond although it doesn't then tell me the time for example.

  • PeaoPeao Member
    edited February 2016
    I think the problem is within the "training tool". I recorded two videos. One while doing the training (everything fails)
    And this video, with my Homey listening to the previous recorded video and having its voice recognition working perfectly

    I hope this helps, to solving this problem.
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