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z wave op verkeerde groep terugkoppeling

Met het testen van de fibaro sensor en plug kom ik er achter dat de terugkoppeling op de verkeerde groep gebeurd.

zodra alle drie de groepen op 1 staan werkt het wel :)


  • AthomeyAthomey Member
    edited February 2016
    The Fibaro devices in Homey are implemented as generic devices right now. No specific apps for specific Fibaro devices. When those arrive, then what you mention is done "automatically" and it will work without manually having to change the association groups. Until then: Change them as you have done and much will work already.

    @Taco  is focusing on the plumbing of Z-Wave first, so that the fundamentals are optimal to build apps for specific devices. The 'when'  is not clear yet, but it has to be done in this order. Patience my friend.

  • What Athomey said ;)

    For most Fibaro devices you need an association on group 3.

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