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Request: Please show timestamp "last run" of a flow (and optionally a log of all of them) [0.8.17]

When creating and testing flows in Vera, it's absolutely not easy or well done overthere, but you can see clearly see the last timestamp (with seconds, this is important!) of when a flow was run last. This helps tremendously in testing and debugging flows. I miss such a feature in Homey (or it's so far hidden away that it's not practical). I think migrating users especially will have an issue with this. Please add this to Homey. Thx for your time reading this and taking the request seriously. :smile: 

Also nice would be a visible log somewhere with all the triggered flows in the past. This might be as important to me in the future, when I might get complaints from people where I installed Homey, that if they give me a timestamp I can check what has happened, which might help in fixing a problem. Keep up the good work! :+1: 


  • AthomeyAthomey Member
    edited February 2016
    Thx! I made a reference overthere to the forum!

    Emile told me once forum is for feature requests and talking about those, and github for bugs where there is no doubt they must get fixed. I'll keep that seperation going until Athom says otherwise. And what else would the "Ideas & suggestions" category of the forum be for.  :wink: 
    I've got 10 open bug-issues submitted at the moment, next to my feature requests in the forums. :-)
  • +1 
    as a new user I want to get much feedback on what Homey hears and understand 
    (later, when the trust is established, I might want to tunedown on that feedback)
    as a user testing a newflow I want to ... [ditto]
    as a new user staring to use an existing homey, I want to ... [ditto]
  • Gonna add my +1 here, If the github issue gets closed
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