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Request: Longer visible names or detailed list-view for devices [0.8.17]

I just added a bunch of Hue's as a test, which are also connected to Hue apps and VeraEdge. Everywhere I can make practical use of the long names, which are needed to organize them and NOT get crazy in my mind. In Homey, it's very chaotic after they have just been added:

I know I can organize them into floors, rooms, etc.. That will help, but I will still NEED to rename them. That's a VERY time-consuming pity. A solution would be showing more text, smaller text, wrapping text, or creating a list-view. I request ANY of those solutions.

The same problem exists in the device-picker of the flow-editor, but the problem is smaller there, because more letters are shown:

Woonkamer, naast...     Next to WHAT, I've got 20+ Hue's in my woonkamer and multiple ones "naast'  (=next) to something.


  • Why every time "Woonkamer" needed is you are in the woonkamer?
  • 20+ Hue's? Impressive! Must be a fantastic livingroom, in size and in color!  ;)
  • Good question. It's because not all devices are in the woonkamer, they are everywhere in the house in all different kinds of rooms. The paradigm of Philips and all the Hue apps is to have a LONG list of Hue's, same as the device-picker in the flow-editor of Homey by the way, and the prefix Woonkamer is needed, otherwise you cannot manage all these Hue's anymore (49 Hue's for this experiment with Homey).
  • Take then the short-cut "WK".  ;)
  • AthomeyAthomey Member
    edited February 2016
    Take then the short-cut "WK". 
    Nice suggestion, but not possible, WAF plays a big part, and the mother of Emile must understand it. (As he said earlier, that's his benchmark.)  :wink: 

  • 20+ Hue's? Impressive! Must be a fantastic livingroom, in size and in color!  ;)
    I've got many fixtures with 2 or 3 Hue's in ONE light, and also lots of them in the ceiling, spread out. It's suppost to be a commercially applicable demo-house for Domotica projects for people who want EXTRA. :smiley: 
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