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Request: Give the UI an icon, like other websites (and like competitor Vera) -- Athom forgot it. ;-)

I never use name in bookmarks and such, so ONLY the icons. Making it possible to work very fast, and seeing 50+ bookmarks (icons) at once in a browser, quicklaunch, etc.. Athoms forums have a nice small icon, so I bookmarked a few forum sections, as you see below in the first red circle. Vera UI has an icon of a black V with green filling, as you can see in the second circle, first icon. BUT for Homey you forgot to give it a recognizable icon!  It has a plain HTML icon!  :-)  Shame, shame... So my request is simple, give Homey the nice sphere icon it deserves!  No biggy, but would increase my <3 even more than it is. ;-)

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