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Homey received, initial issues!

First issue I've noticed is in the following image. Doesn't look like its been put together properly, can you confirm this and if this comes apart for me to correct or if this is it?

The second issue is the USB socket is placed underneath, yet the USB cable supplied is straight rather than right angled so it just points down and pushes the homey over.

The third issue is you supplied a UK adapter intended for Schuko (type F) plugs, yet your USB power adapter is Europlug (type C) so it doesn't fit well and is dangerously loose.

Obviously my first impressions are not great as all of these are simple avoidable issues!


  • USB cable is a known problem,  

    Br Niklas 
  • Maybe, to help Athom and your fellow countryman,  you can post a link to an adaptor you would have expected?
  • StefanStefan Member
    edited February 2016
    Hi @spamenigma,

    As for your findings and images:
    1) this is how Homey is supposed to be. It allows the voice and Infrared light to travel out of the device, and is the best solution possible. When upright, it should be barely visible and covered mostly by the LED ring.
    2) We are aware, and are investigating different cables for future batches. For now, if you bend it firmly once, it will stay in an angle and even travel neatly on the surface, while Homey stays on its feet.
    3) Making dedicated adapters per plug type (and testing them thoroughly) is very expensive and almost impossible. These adapters were the best available option to guarantee the working and adapter (C plugs are designed to fit in F plugs too).
  • 1) I accept its not as noticeable if looking down on this, although far from convinced this was the best solution :)

    2) I've bent the cable up quite a bit, seems better although obviously a right angled cable would have been useful.

    3) The adapter supplied isn't correct, this is just a usb adapter so you could have gone with any number of solutions. You need to supply people in the UK with a europlug adapter, not schuko, examples being:

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