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Google Maps under Settings-Location doesn't work...

KrisstensweKrisstenswe Unconfirmed, Member
Presence is a good function. Has been working for long time now without problems.
But today Homey didn't want to see my or my wifes presence, so I went in under Settings - Location to make sure my Homeys location was OK. Google Maps doesn't not work - see picture.
I don't now if this is just a visual problem or if it's having an effect on the Presence-function to work properly?
Any one else have this problem? I have restarted my Homey.


  • GeurtDijkerGeurtDijker Member
    edited August 2018
    This is a known visual  issue , already fixed in the next (experimental) Firmware, 
    just ignore and wait for it to become stable...
    [Settings] Fixed a bug that could prevent the world map from loading

    sometimes Presence doesn't work depending on the mobile App. 

    It will be improved in the new V2 mobile App.

  • KrisstensweKrisstenswe Unconfirmed, Member
    OK, thnx!
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