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Idea: List with known issues

I noticed on Git a lot of duplicated issues are reported, such as;
  • Power cable
  • Homey sound volume to high/loud
  • Homey sound volume not adjustable
  • System time off by an hour
  • Media player has no stop option
  • a lot of IR remotes are not recognized
  • to much lights in the combobox
Maybe its a idea to create some sort known issues list?!

Could prevent a lot of question on the Forum and time on Git issues.


  • The issues on Git are the known issues. If people don't go through that list to check for known issues, what makes you think they will go through a second list with known issues. :)

    I haven't checked, but maybe it's just a matter of correctly logging an issue. (Don't say: "My Homey isn't working", but be more specific like "my z-wave wallplug isn't connecting on version x.x.x".
  • Git is not that low level as the forum.
    A lot of known issues are closed by Athom with no or just a simple comment like; will be fixed

    And if there's a good list with humanly readable known issues and the Git site notices it, then i can same a lot of time.

    But it was just an idea.....
  • if you do so, keep the top post updated
  • Post lock after 1 hour :smile: 
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