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Bluetooth API

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loz1234loz1234 Unconfirmed, Member
Hi All,

This is my first post so apologies if it's not in the correct place!

I've had my Homey for a few weeks and I've got pretty much everything working (lights, plugs, TV, Alexa etc.). This forum has been a massive help in getting everything sorted - so thank you!

I do however have one problem that I'm struggling to solve. I have bought a very useful device called 'SwitchBot' (LINK), it's essentially a bluetooth device that mechanically turns switches on and off. My air conditioning doesn't have IR functionality so SwitchBot should allow me to turn it on and off via Homey.

Each SwitchBot should be used with a SwitchBot Bridge but I bought Homey to be a universal bridge (which has worked well so far with all of the other products I have), the SwitchBot developers have released the API on GitHub here but getting this to work is way beyond my level!

After reading through the forum, it does sound like the product can be controlled via Homey (technology = Bluetooth, API = available). If anyone is able and willing to help get this working I would be hugely grateful and I'm sure it's a product that other Homey users would be keen to use.

Many Thanks.


  • SwitchBotSwitchBot Unconfirmed, Member
    Hi Loz1234,

    We came across your post.

    For SwitchBot, we released open API based on Bluetooth. So yes, in theory it might work with any Bluetooth device including Homey. Our community tried to integrated Switchbot with before. So it should also work for Homey.

    However, we would suggest you try IFTTT to integrate Homey with SwitchBot.

    Reach out to, and we can offer you discount for SwitchBot Hub Plus (infrared control). It will denifitely save your time to develop, so you could explore more possibilities between Homey and SwitchBot.

    SwitchBot team
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