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Room aware mini homey for voice recognition in every room

I know you guys you started with conquering the world. I love the concept of the homey.

Maybe in the future you can release a homey mini connected via network (wifi or utp) wth onboard just a microphone. The homey mini can be room aware and use a local audio receiver (or mini pro version with amplifier to connect a speaker) or sonos to give output. For example when there is such a device in every room in the house imagine the possibilities. When a small child is working on their homework and asking direct questions to homey. Or when you enter a room (maybe difficult with background noise) and ask to turn on the lights. That would be great. I understand that a homey in every room is very interesting (commercially). But when you create a device that just extend the capabilities of homey but for 125 euro's or something I would buy it for every room.

:-) Enjoy developing your products...conquer the world!


  • Great idea. Was thinking about that myself. You want the house to get smart, not only the room where Homey is placed. A mic-speaker-wifi combi will do. 
  • This has already been discussed several times. 
    Not very likely this will come soon... 
  • A sensor like the Aeotech multi together with a speach relay system would be best :)

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