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Z-Wave Aeotec

Aeotec LED bulb Gen 5 not recognised

atomatom Unconfirmed, Member
edited August 2018 in Devices
I have a couple of the above bulbs (model number ZW098-B55 - I'm in Australia), and the Aeotec app. When I try to add the bulbs they are added as generic z-wave devices, and not as the bulb (which I select from the menu). As a result I can switch them on and off but not dim them or vary the colour.

I'm new to Homey (having been a Domoticz user for some years), and am wondering if I'm missing something, or if this device isn't yet supported how I can go about requesting it be added? (I've had them for a few years now, so assume they are well and truly current versions)

Otherwise, is there a way to add them with the control options other than through the Aeotec app?



  • GPazGPaz Member
    Hey atom. I also installed these lights a month or more back and had the same issue (also in Aus.). At the time I googled / searched for an answer and found an obscure reference that it is not yet supported by Homey and wont be until V2 is released. I will try and track down the link and post here. 
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