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Homey safety: friend or foe?

With interesting comments from the US intelligence chief,

..... Two weeks ago, a Berkman Center for Internet & Society report from Harvard University concluded that "If the Internet of Things has as much impact as is predicted, the future will be even more laden with sensors that can be commandeered for law enforcement surveillance; and this is a world far apart from one in which opportunities for surveillance have gone dark. It is vital to appreciate these trends and to make thoughtful decisions about how pervasively open to surveillance we think our built environments should be—by home and foreign governments, and by the companies who offer the products that are transforming our personal spaces."

This is one thing I don't like about domotica (lack of standards and lack of userfriendlyness is another - but that#s what homey aims to fix...). I do trust that Athom isn't currently using their info to spy on us.... but they could be bought up by Amazon/Google/Apple/Philips/the Chinese/Donald Trump/.... next week/month/year. Also, NSA&co. can hack the connection to increase theier surveillance options, or criminals can use it to see whether we are home.


  • Good point and something that is major in all development. Perhaps a config page what may be accessed / used in the cloud and what not (like an app install on iphone, this app will use, mic, storage etc.)
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