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I wouldnt sell mine, but this guy...

Sells his:

If you cannot wait any longer... Just an opportunity.


  • Very tempting, it's even cheaper then the pre order price I paid for mine. 
  • Sad, actually... somebody registers as a geek to get early access to a Homey, then instead of diving into it and actually using it, he just sells it again... possibly to somebody who hardly knows a thing about Athom and Homey, and who may be very unhappy with the (alpha) state of the software...
  • What if he just wanted to support this Kickstarter project, because it is cool or just wanted to be nice? But he actually he does not need the `reward`.
    Or he could not go along with the constant delay and bought a HA hub already?
  • In those cases, he could have asked Athom to place his Homey a bit further down the list... then someone who IS anxiously awaiting their Homey so they can develop apps for it, could have gotten that Homey instead...

  • i am still waiting......

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