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Plugwise support (Anna & Adam)

macfreekmacfreek Unconfirmed, Member
edited August 2018 in Questions & Help

I recently bought  a Homey, and want to control my OpenTherm boiler, as well as radiator valves. Right now, I have an Eneco Toon, but consider buying a Plugwise Anna (or Adam + Tom).

If someone has experience with such a setup, or has advice, I'd appreciate that a lot!

Right now, I have the following questions:

1. Can the Plugwise app (written by Athom) also read the temperature? The description only mention that it can set the temperature.

2. Is there an app that supports the Adam (standalone OpenTherm boiler controller)?

3. What is a common set up for radiator valves? Have the Homey talk to the radiator valves directly (e.g. with the Plugwise Zigbee App that supports the Tom radiator valves, or perhaps a different brand of valves), or have Anna talk to the radiator valves? In the latter case, can Homey set or read the temperature readings via the Anna?

FYI, I also wondered if the Anna would support a heat pump (warmtepomp) that can both heat and cool? I rather not set the temperature to 15°C at night, only to find that it is actively starting to cool :). I received a reply from Plugwise support, stating that those OpenTherm command are supported in their newest firmware (available upon request), and that they're currently only tested it with the Techneco Elga heat pump. You do need to activate the cooling feature in the Anna. Anna uses boundaries and deadband to decide if the thermostat should cool, heat or be off.

(Edit: replace 'thermostat' with 'boiler' for clarity)


  • Adam it self is supported within the Anna app made by Athom. The thermostats Tom and Lisa are supported by the plugwise zigbee app. But you can not combine. If you want that, you have to get the Adam with zigbee stick that you put in the Adam device. But be aware you have to add the Tom and Lisa to Adam to get zone support that can be configured within a webinterface and apps provided by Plugwise. That is a seperate zigbee network not controllable by Homey. I have the devices myself and been in close contact with Plugwise about that.
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