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Number of flows

I have a small question.

Today I have a few flows controlling my lights.
Like in the livingroom I have one sensor and lets say 4 lights.
If there is movement the light comes on for a given time.
I have a few flows turning on different lights at different prosent for different times of the day.
But its still One flow controlling all the lights during that time of the day.

What I want to do now is using the same "main flows" to control different time of the day and if the lights are on "auto" or Manual" etc...
But instead of turning on the 4 lights directly, it would activate 4 flows(one for each light) or more...
Theese flows could be more presise, checking for lux, if the tv is on, if other lights/sensors are active, etc...

This would result in a lot more flows, but also a lot more automatisation.

My question is.
Is it ok for homey to have that many flows, or should I keep it to a minimum ?


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