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Total cost of my hardware whole house basic price 2500,- euro

Hi all,

Reading a lot and being active for a while i'm now starting to order my other non Homey hardware. This to give all an idea about what is needed and the costs of all.

To start, my wife give me full support if she, my kids and other people can use the house. The budget is about 1000 euro's and that is without the parts that are already in the house
i start using it all due to the fact that i basicly want home security in my house, then al worlds went togehter due to the fact Homey is out.

I will use differente techniques to elimitate issues and be able to controll some lights on failure of one protocol for now.

Door/ window sensors
I will place on all doors and windows the Fibaro door/window sensors.
The one at the front door will be used to hardwire / connect the doorbell (it has io / temp sensor inputs).
The other ones will get a temparute sensor or motion sensor.
I orderd mine on marktplaats for 25 euro's each. the temp. sensor from china, 4 dollar per 5 so. I needed new batteries for These, also china, 1 dollar each instead of 5 euro in NL, 1 motion sensor by 5 euro.
Total cost of door/ window sensors ground floor: 110 euro (est.)

Fire alarm (whole house)
4 smoke detectors z-wave bought on 25 euro each
2 on ground floor
total cost of fire alarm 50 euro

To play with my refrigerator temperature reading i bought a twine to play with for 15 euros. Otherwise i can use this to connect other stuff like a water sensor. Also second hand for 20 euro (
total cost 20 euro

1 x philips hue E27 starter kit (129 euro on
4 x qube wifi bulb e27 (100 euro total)
2 x fibaro dimmers (v2) ca 100 euro.
2 x pulse switch for replacing my dimmers (Jung as500 alpine white) 25 euro
This to resuse my diner lamp and ceilling spots (gu10)
total lightning 350 euros

swithes/ remotes/ plugs
my stairs has led lightnings and use IR to detect movement. It is always on, i now use a plug on/ off to start a flow on homey if lightning is dark, switch on stairs plug and then you can walk up and down and led is on/ off.
Also some led strips using a 230v. socket will be connected using wall plugs to turn on off.
also 2 remotes to prevent all web use and create action flows. 2 wireless buttons to place somewhere to start action (cooking, default light scene)
3x klik aan klik uit and 1 remote 25 euros
1x z-wave wall switchs 20 euros
2x z-wave plugs 40 euros
total cost about 80 euros

To detect presense and do more with sensors (air control) i need at least 3 motion sensors and did not make up my mind about which one to buy, fibaor motion sensor or Aeotec Multisensor 6
3 x 60 euro
total sensor for motion 180 euros

Heating (danfos living connect)
2 x for floor heating
1 x for radiator in hall all 30 euros each on
1 x thermostat, unknown yet, 200 euro
total of 290 euro

To do from there:
- curtains motion (no price yet, project for over 1 year)
- cooking hood circulation (i have one with 2 light zones and dimmer build in and want it on z-wave, now in discussion with my vendor (Falmec)
I reserve about 400 for all blinds, curtains and hood control total.

So all togheter for the ground floor it will cost me about:
sensors: 110+20+180+50=360 euro
plugs/ dimmers switches: 80 euro
lights: 350 euro
heating:290 euro
Homey: 300 euro
total: 1380,- euro for the ground floor.

This is a low price because i got a lot of parts second hand or in a special action (start early and collect on the way, bennefit of waiting for the homey) but from there other rooms are way cheaper because the basic options and parts are then in house. Other rooms like bedrooms will have the following ;
1x radiator valve: 30 euro
1x switch/ lights controll and sensor: 100 euro
1x fire alarm 25 euro
total per room : about 150 euros

1 x multisensor (to controll fan and detect people in the room) 50 euro
1 x light switch/ controll 50 euro
1 x valve for radiator (30/0
total: 130

So second floor:
3 x bedroom 1x shower total off:
3x 150 + 130 = 480 euro

attic is rebuild to have 2 rooms and a pre-attic where my heating and washing machines are;
3 x fire alarm (each 25 euro)
3 x lights controll (each 100)
no valves/ radiators
2 x plug to monitor washing and dryer use (each 35 euro)
total attic: 75+300+70= 445 euro

1 x tl lights (20 euro kaku)
2 x door/temp sensors (50 euro )
1 x motion/ multisensor (50 euro)
total: 120 euros

So a basic price to get started with (plan plus after 1/ 2 years) will be
ground floor: 1380
second floor: 480
attic: 445
garage: 120
total house: 2425,- euro


  • Great!! 

    Could you specify the used brand/type of device?

  • So you were the guy buying all the stuff from MP before I had a chance to do so.. :)

  • So you were the guy buying all the stuff from MP before I had a chance to do so.. :)

    Could be... not sure, someone else bought all sensor before me so come out come out whoever you are ;-)
  • It Don't matter... Will wait my turn since it will take some time before Homey is shipped to my address. Will have plenty of time to search the web for any bargains.
  • will list all parts en numbers etc. soon, to busy right now.
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