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Removing reseted NodOn Wall Switch

PerrePerre Unconfirmed, Member
edited August 2018 in Devices
I have a NodOn wall switch that I accidentally reseted to factory default and now it can not communicate with my Homey and I can't remove it from Homey either. Waht shoudl I do.

I saw elsewhere in the forum that just pressing the little "x" should remove it automatically if the device is not found (it says so also when trying to remove it via Homey NodO n app). but nothing happens. I only get the following error message.


My Homey software version is: 1.5.11
The NodOn App version is: 2.0.1


EDIT: This should perhaps not be in "Devices" but in "Questions" but apparently you can't move it after publishing. Sorry.


  • Known zwave issue. Should be solved in the next update.
    This one is closed. If u have any problems with that u can contact @Bram
    Will move this to the archive soon.
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