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Dead area in garage

I have setup my homey network and after some tweaking it appears to work and be stable, most of the time!

I have been wanting to put a couple of Multisensor 6's PIR sensors in the garage to detect motion and switch on and off the lights. More "off" than "on" as tend to leave them on all night !

So two Multisensors 6's, one mounted to wall closest to Homey, and one mounted in recessor in ceiling.
Two TBK switches, one just below the wall mounted Multisensor, and one just inside the two large plastic coated aluminum garage doors.

The Homey is 3 meters away from the wall mounted switch and sensor, but through a door and a wall.
The wall i think is the problem as i think it has an aluminum type insulation membrane in it so acting a bit like a Faraday cage and not letting signals through, and only barely works when the doors are open.

Just mounted an MCO Home touch glass panel switch about 3 meters away from the switch just inside the garage front doors.
also mounted a Aeotec range extender in the bedroom above (less than 1.5m away)  to try and come down vertically with a signal, but while it does mesh with it, again performance is periodic at best.

Have tried Zigbee and it was hopeless, even with doors open, and despite my best efforts refused to mesh.

So unless anyone has any ideas I don't think it can be done with out somehow getting a signal in there via a network cable.
Is there a way to extend the range over a cat5 type cable or something similar ?


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