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Bronos instead of Sonos App?

Hi all, 
as I'm totally unsatisfied with the Sonos App by Homey (not reliable and you can't use the Smartphone App after Homey interacted with your boxes) I'm looking for alternatives.
Thought about using IFTTT, controlled via a Homey flow.

After some googling, I found, which enables Sonos support via IFTTT via Javascript.

How would you guys go on? 
Is it possible to install a javascript package on homey and run it?
Or is it better via Rasperry Pi?

Thanks for your help.


  • BramBram Member
    Hi @MaxSB we are aware of the issues with the current Sonos app. After V2 of the firmware has been released we will also be updating the Sonos app so it will work properly again
  • Hi @Bram, thanks for your reply (good news).
    Still I'd love to know if I could run such a script as Bronos on Homey?
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