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Homey (Voice controlled home automation)

adamlevine01adamlevine01 Unconfirmed, Member
Homey (Voice controlled home automation)

The Android app doesn't listen constantly and wouldn't work fine. I intend to create a Cortana/voice enabled app that will run on the tablets together with the HomeyDash (see Athom Forum). Voice allows me to convert via Cortana/Azure voice services to text, which will then have to communicate against the API.

The developer who is now building the HomeyDash (3rd party) already has logic to assign a space to the specific dashboard, so with some extra building work it should be able to manage commands like  "Lights on, dim lights " specifically for that space Where you are, instead of homey think that all the lamps must be in all rooms.

Another option could be an Amazon dot or a room, but to what extent it is customizable so that you can reroute the results of voice recognition somewhere else, I don't know yet.
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