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Update homey error?

See below.
This error i get, when i click on the 'check for updates' button.
Can someone clarify this?


  • Just tested over here and got the same, @Bram ; can you  explane ??

  • VillaLasPalmerasVillaLasPalmeras Unconfirmed, Member
    I've had the same error when trying to setup my Homey for the first time today.  It is very frustrating and just blocks the setup process on the "Looking for software updates..." page.  Any ideas? I've tried reseting everything, but happens each time after the unit connects to the WiFi network.
  • BramBram Member
    We are currently investigating this issue! Hopefully we can resolve it asap. Thanks for reporting it
  • BramBram Member
    The issue should be resolved. If not, please let me know!
  • iwaniwan Member
    ok thanx. No error now, but also no new update  :'(
  • iwan said:
    ok thanx. No error now, but also no new update  :'(
    when there is a new update you will know very fast, if your regular visits the forum and/or slack
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