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play: audio, video from kodi repository to room/ device xyz

I read that there possible would be kodi support, i would like to discuss what i think would be great;

In my case kodi holds the audio and video and also the share for this. This way homey can read the file share to start playing audio/ video to device xyz, if needed it can also play on the device that is connected to the tv, this way when having a bluetooth speaker anywhere or more we can play music in the gym, other music in the kitchen and a movie in the living from share or direct from kodi.

When there are more kodi devices (raspb.pi or so) in the house homey can trigger to play a file from share x to device y.

Looking forward to this feature as this wil also allow to play homecoming audio, doorbell sounds based upon my location in the house (in the rooms where the sensors see motion or pickup a tag or phone) and if we go to 2017 a movie can follow the user, from the living room to the bedroom etc.

Just to share my idea!
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